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EXERGIA is an independent firm of consultants operating internationally in the fields of energy and environment. It is a member of SESMA, the Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Companies (the Greek branch of FEACO).
The company, founded in 1991, maintains a rapid growth rate through expansion of its client base and development of its activities.
The cornerstone of EXERGIA is its highly qualified and dedicated staff with top educational background and wide professional experience. Its work is based on a decentralized organization, the application of state-of-the-art technology and a sound business attitude.

Business Philosophy
EXERGIA’s philosophy is to work in partnership with the client to provide consultancy, outsourcing services and cost-effective solutions through an integrated approach.
The company embraces new skills, legitimate aspirations and well-founded applied knowledge to form a coherent work-team operating in harmony with the company’s spirit and completing projects on time and within budget.

Client Based Approach
EXERGIA’s approach to project implementation is based on the thorough understanding of the client requirements, mutual commitment and trust, in-depth capability to present and evaluate alternatives and the delivery of substantiated and comprehensive final results.
A client-oriented organizational structure has been established enabling the provision of energy and environment-related consulting and outsourcing services to various categories of clients, such as: Administration, IFIs, Industry, Utilities and Buildings.
Moreover, proven expertise in Management, Information Technology and Training underpin our interdisciplinary integrated approach.
The company’s continuous objective is to maintain a leading position in the Greek market for energy and environment, as well as to expand its activities in new emerging foreign markets. EXERGIA has a long track record of successful international assignments, with a focus on the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the New Independent States and the Mediterranean.

EXERGIA employs a Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001.

Relevant projects

(CAB-CEP) Co-ordination Action Biofuels Cities European Partnership
Biofuel Cities European Partnership is a forum for the application of biofuels. Open to all stakeholders in the area of biofuels for vehicles, it offers:

  • - your one-stop shop for information on biofuels application;
  • online facilities, workshops and study tours to exchange and network with your peers and learn from experts;

news, publications and tools to provide information, guidance and support.

BIO-EAST: Strategy for the deployment of biofuels for transport in the eastern European market
The project objective has been to contribute to the implementation of EU energy and environmental policy (i.e. reducing greenhouse air emissions, improving security of supply, promoting RES, etc.) by promoting the use of biofuels in the transport sector in south-east Europe. In specific, the project aims to examine, develop and propose strategies for the penetration of biofuels in the energy markets of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, as well as to examine the potential of producing biofuels in these countries, Ukraine and the rest of the Balkans, in view of trading with the EU. The south-east part of the EU and the Balkan region has a very high potential for biofuels production, and coupled with the biofuels potential of Ukraine the region could satisfy about 25% of the EU needs on the basis of the Directive for biofuels in transport.
Trade strategies and routes have to be developed and due to the geographical proximity and the shipping routes via the Black Sea the region has a realistic potential. The implementation of the project will assist the participating countries of the region not only to develop their national policies for biofuels but also to establish regional collaboration and trade to a significant extent.

RESIPE: Reform of the European Sugar Industry based on Polygeneration with the use of Energy Crops
The project has been designed to collect, analyse and disseminate, widely to the EU, technical knowledge and experience from the implementation of polygeneration based on energy crops under the concept of bio-refineries in sugar industry with certain energy, environmental, societal and economic benefits.
The targeted sector will be the sugar industry of Greece, Italy, Sweden and Poland. However, the project results will be disseminated widely to the EU sugar industry.
The project will identify and evaluate the bio-refinery technology applied in sugar industry. It will deliver country reports presenting current status and technical solutions and potential for implementation; feasibility studies serving as model examples; training activities including the organisation of a study tour for the sugar industry stakeholders. During the project period a technology guide will also be developed as well as promotion and dissemination activities including WEB design and development, brochures, informative multimedia material, etc. will be performed.

Contact details
EXERGIA S.A. Energy & Environment Consultants
Address: Apollon Tower, 64, Louise Riencourt St., 11523 Athens, GREECE
tel: +30 210 6996185, fax: +30 210 6996186

Contact person
Ms Niki Komioti, Energy Technology Dept. Director