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About biomap

BIOMAP is a co-financed project by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme for research and technological development (2007-2013) aiming to provide a detailed information and dissemination tool for biofuels technologies by its completion on October 2010; at present it is still in the development stage. BIOMAP will provide detailed information both for European Commission contracts funded under FP6 and FP7 as well as for industrial projects and plants developed by the industry. Furthermore the BIOMAP includes also information on numerous players in the biofuel sector such as associations, industrial organisations, technology developers et al, and gradually will have information from all EU Member States on national legislation and research institutions per Member State. It also has a section on all relative standardisation work undertaken by CEN whether under EC mandates or independently. Finally BIOMAP will also have section on all relative EU legislation. 
BIOMAP links interrelated entities such as biofuel players, projects, production plants, policies and standards in a visual interface comprising a list view, a non-geographical map view and a geographical map view over time. The BIOMAP aggregates complex interrelationships in the biofuels sector while its time function enables the viewing of developments in a given time window. 
The BIOMAP tool development was an idea of KCL and is realized by a consortium of 6 international organisations from Europe.
The Technical Coordinator of the contract is Dr. Julie Tolmie of the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King’s College London. Dr. Kyriakos Maniatis and Mrs. Julie Tondeur are the EC DG ENER Technical Officers responsible for supervising the carrying out of the project work and the associated development of the BIOMAP mapping tool.

Work packages

The project is divided into 6 Work Packages:
WP1: Co-ordination and liaison
WP2: Collection of Project and Plant Information
WP3: BIOMAP Data and Visualisation Model
WP4: System Architecture, Development and User Interface Development
WP5: Stakeholder Liaison and Testing and Evaluation
WP6: Promotion and dissemination
The overall work plan of the BIOMAP project is also structured in three phases:
Phase 1: Analysis, design and implementation
Phase 2: Testing, refining, data trends and user behaviours
Phase 3: Launch, promotion and sustainability

The structure of the six work packages that are grouped in three levels is shown on the following photo.


BIOMAP project has two major objectives.
The first objective is to provide a thorough, all inclusive and time-enabled dissemination tool for biofuel projects and networks in Europe and beyond.

The second objective is to fully develop the mapping function including interactions amongst partners (or other elements) of a project or network with other projects and networks and a time-function that will enable users and researchers to analyse the developments over a certain time-window.